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Renzetti Wonder Weaver
Wonder Weaver
The "WONDER WEAVER" is a loom designed to facilitate weaving
around a cylindrical object that can be used to make a continuous
weave around a fishing rod, and also to weave individual patterns on
any axes of a rod, (space permitting) at the same time. It is easy to
use for color-change weaving, and will accommodate as many colors
as one is capable of handling. It's unique design keeps threads from
hanging and twisting. The slots holding each thread are clearly
identified and threads are held firmly. Setting up is simple and
because each thread has a numbered slot, you will know quickly if the
thread count is incorrect. The threads can then be adjusted before
going any further. The Wonder Weaver comes with a 180 slot design,
with only 90 of the slots numbered. Includes instructional DVD
Instructional 26 Minute DVD on the use of the Renzetti Wonder Weaver.  This
is the same DVD as provided in the Wonder Weaver Loom package.  Buy
and view the DVD, and if you decide to purchase the original Wonder
Weaver within 60 days of your DVD purchase, we'll take the DVD from your
Wonder Weaver package and credit $10 towards the price of your Loom!
Photo courtesy of "The Dragon Master" Jim Upton
Renzetti Wonder Weaver II
This version of the Wonder Weaver is designed to be used
where it is not convenient to use the left side tube of the regular
three wheel model. The large bore wheel has been coupled with
the regular right side wheel to give a combination that will
accommodate most pistol grip and trigger type reel seats as well
as Fly Rods where there is no blank to the left of the reel seat.

It can be used in place of the regular three wheel model but
thread control on the left side is dependent upon location.

We recommend mounting the left side as far left as practical
when using Metallic threads to prevent long tails from tangling
with one another.  DVD not included with this loom.
Doc Ski Weaving Patterns
Fish Patterns
Albacore - Queenfish (A-Q) Click Here
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A Guide To Thread Weaving
By Jim Upton
Visual Weave
Weaving Pattern Software
The "Dragon Master" and inventor
of the Wonder Weaver, Jim Upton
explains the process of thread
weaving with text, photos and
Rainbow Runner - Yellowtail (R-Z) Click Here
This long awaited 82 page book by Billy Vivona is a must have for those who want to take
their decorative wraps to the next level and beyond. This well written guide covers layout,
Spacing, Pattern Selection and Sizing, Thread Selection, Shading and Fading, Wrapping,
Packing, Tie Offs and Finishing. Also included are over 100 patterns and time saving
Thread Spacing Charts. It's all here as well as tips to using VISUALWRAP software. The
Decorative Wraps book is Spiral Bound so it will easily lay flat on your wrapping bench.