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Flex Coat Cork Ring Clamp
22" Cork Ring Clamp
Flex Coat Pilot Drills for
Reel Seat Arbors & Cork Rings
Self-aligning 1/4" pilot for perfectly centered
bores in Brick Foam Arbors & Cork Rings
Masking Tape for Reel Seat Bushings
& Temporary Guide Mounting
1/4"X180' Roll
# MT14180
1/2"X180' Roll
# MT12180
3/4"X150' Roll
# MT34150
NEW! Flex Coat "New Concept" Cork Drills
This 16" Speedbore Bit has been modified to cut cork
by using the BACK side of the bit.  The shaft is inserted
through a pre-formed cork grip's bore and then
inserted into the drill's chuck.  By pulling the drill back
through the grip, it is re-bored in one easy motion.
All Sizes $21.99
3M Scotch-Brite Pads
Used for blank prep prior to gluing up reel seats & grips as well as for
abrading cured guide or blank finish prior to re-coating.  
6"X 9" Pads are sold by the "each".

MAROON - Very Fine, for scuffing blanks prior to handle assembly.
GRAY - Ultra Fine, for finish preparation
$1.29 ea.
Rubber Sanding Block
4-3/4" X 2-5/8"  Sanding Block holds 1/6 sheet of 8-1/2" X 11"
sandpaper.  Used for sanding cork grips with dis-similar materials
to avoid low spots as well as sanding "wavy" finish on butt wraps
before re-coating.  Six spiked paper clamps hold sandpaper firmly.
New Concept Cork Drills
Recently introduced in RodMaker Magazine, Flex Coat's "New Concept" Cork Drills are easy to use and a
HUGE time saver.  Pre-formed Cork Grips can be quickly and easily re-bored in a matter of seconds, rather
than the time consuming, tedious method of increasing the grip's I.D. with a series of Files and Reamers.  
New Concept Cork Drills are available with full instructions from Flex Coat in three ready to use sizes.  
Cork & Handle Tools
Cork & EVA Reamers
25' roll of cloth backed 36 grit reamer
abrasive. Wrapped & glued onto a piece
of old blank stock makes fast work of
fitting reel seats, arbors, cork, EVA and
Hypalon grips. "Coated" abrasive
doesn't lose grit like "glued on grit" type
razor wands, so you don't have to worry
about pieces of grit sticking inside your
grips and scratching your blank!
Includes instructions on how to build
your own custom reamers.
1/2" x 25' Cork Reamer Abrasive Roll
18" Hardened Tool Steel Grip
Turning  Mandrels
Outside Diameter
Chamfered edges won't dig into
cork rings.  60 degree center
bored in both ends for use in
standard lathe live centers.  Easily
glue up handle assemblies off the
rod by simply rubbing the mandrel
with paraffin wax prior to gluing
and clamping the cork rings.
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Flex Coat's Cork Lathe allows you to shape your cork grips ON the rod, rather
than having to build and shape them on a mandrel!  Unique design powers up
your blank by coupling YOUR variable speed drill to your blank's I.D.  Set-up
includes motor stand with motor clamps and 2 sets of roller supports. Adapts to
almost any hand drill. Sturdy, commercial duty. This lathe is fantastic for shaping
cork and foam grips. Use with YOUR  variable speed hand drill.  
Flex Coat Cork Lathe
Clear Heat Shrink Tubing

Protect your cork grips during rod
construction, test casting, etc...  Works
with grips to 1-3/8" Diameter.
Shrinks in diameter, but retains 95% of
it's original length.  Simply slip over grip
and heat with a heat gun or hot hair dryer.

Sold by the inch

Simply change shopping cart quantity to
the number of inches required.
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Convertable Cork Ring  &
Grip Clamp
Convertible clamp allows you to glue up grips under 10-1/2" without
having to run wing nuts the length of the rods.  Can be used to glue &
clamp cork rings either on the blank or on a mandrel as large as 3/4"
O.D.   Max working length (between blocks) 22".
NEW  Reamer Sets Coming Soon!

Specs on Reamers
Large: 13.5 inches long, Small OD 13.35mm and Large OD 15.75mm

Medium: 13.5 inches long, Small OD 11.60mm and Large OD 13.75mm

Small: 13.5 inches long, Small OD 8.16mm and Large OD 10.53mm
As soon as I know these are going to available to me, I'll post an update and
add order buttons.                       Thank you for your patience.
Looking for new supplier, we hope to have
these up for sale again soon!!  Thank You
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