A lot of builders are currently using this shrink tube on their new builds as well as for repairs.  These shrink
grips shrink to approximately half of their original diameter when heated with a hair dryer or heat gun.  The
"X -Flocked" pattern provides a better grip than cork tape, looks MUCH better and it doesn't deteriorate like
cork.  This can also be used over Hypalon and EVA to quickly restore torn grips without tearing down the rod.
X-Flock Shrink Tubing
Cork Tape & Shrink Grips
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30mm X 32"
30mm x 64"
35mm X 32"
35mm x 64"
40mm X 32"
40mm x 64"
45mm X 32"
45mm x 64"
Premium quality rubberized cork tape.  Peel and stick adhesive back makes application
easy. This is a VERY good quality adhesive that won't come un-done on you.  The
rubberized cork won't slip in your hands even when throwing heavy jigs with a long rod.

Sold in pre-cut kits for double or single layer 30"  "Deckhand" grips.  Our pre-cut kits
include a piece of 1" shrink tube to finish off the front of your grip and we offer a full
selection of buttcaps for the rear.
8' X 1" X 1/8" Peel & Stick Cork Tape Kit
Enough double thickness Cork Tape to  Wrap
one 30" grip.  Includes a 1" shrink tubes to
finish the front of your grip. Contains an 8' piece
16' X 1" X 1/16" Peel & Stick Cork Tape Kit
Enough 1/16" Cork Tape to  Wrap two 30" grips or to
double layer one 30" grip.  Includes two 1" shrink tubes
to finish the front of your grip. Contains a 16' piece
Cork Tape
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Leather Grip Tape
1" X 72" Peel & Stick Leather Grip Wrap
Peel and stick backing is applied over cork or
hard EVA foregrips for the classic look and feel
of a leather wrapped grip.  Gold Trimmed.
Please specify in comment section of
checkout if you are ordering multiple kits if
you'd like one continuous piece.  The default
if no choice is made, is as specified above
"Non-Slip Polymer Technology" - Use as an Overwrap or as the Sole Grip of the Fishing
Rod. Fishing Rod Wraps are designed to use either as an Overwrap on existing Rod
Grips or as the Sole Grip of the Fishing Rod (i.e. Jig Sticks used on the West Coast).
Lenth of Wrap: 8' 3"  .04" Thick.  1.2" Wide
$18.29 Each
Blue Camo
Desert Camo
Dark Gray
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