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Flexible Shell Veneers
New Flexible Natural Shell Veneers easily wrap around rod blanks
Available in Opaque and Transparent Sheets
The mirco-thin natural shell veneer is protected on both sides with a
thin, clear laminate to prevent splitting even when wrapped around a
1/4" diameter blank!
Each flexible sheet measures 5"X9" and will provide enough material
for 4-10 butt wraps, depending on the blank diameters used.  Material
thickness is .004"/.10mm
Opaque Veneers
These veneers are laminated on a dark
background and will retain their color regardless
of your background color.
Opaque Abalone
Transparent Veneers
These veneers are laminated on a clear background,
allowing you to create unlimited effects by using different
background colors of either paint or wrapped thread.
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Transparent Abalone
Flexible Veneer
On Guide Wrap
Flexible Veneer
On Tip Wrap
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  • Our natural shell veneers are easily cut with scissors or can be trimmed to size with a straight edge and razor blade.  
  • Transparent sheets are applied to the blank (or over thread) with  a spray adhesive (3M "77") available at most Craft and Hardware stores.  
  • Opaque sheets may be applied using either spray adhesive or double sided mylar tape.
  • After application, simply coat with your favorite rod finish for protection.
Looking for "colored" Abalone? (Red, Blue, etc...)   
Our Transparent Veneers can be applied over any color thread (or paint) desired,
taking on the base wrap color as the background color!